Landmark Baptist Church History
The Church was organized and founded by Rainey B. Qualls Sr. In 1954. The original members were from Pinecroft Baptist Church located in East Burlington. The first building was a sewing room located on Hwy 62 just a few miles north of the current location. The founders named the Church [Glencoe Road Baptist Church]. After a few years in the sewing room they purchased the current building. This building was a gun shop with a pond directly behind the church. The members could only purchase the building and lot which had a grove of pine trees.There was no restroom facilities in the building , therefore the members installed 2 "outhouses" in the pine grove. All services were held in one open room heated by an oil circulator.
Sunday School was held here also just by dividing the classes by pulling curtains between each class. After several years classroom were added along with restrooms and central heat/ air conditioning. Homecoming was held on the grounds followed by a song service. Needless to say this was an all day event since we would still have evening services.
With the Lord's help the members were able to purchase the pond and parsonage from the owner a few years later. The pond was drained and about the same time the City of Burlington was doing downtown renovations, which involved tearing down old buildings. The Pastor approached the City and offered the pond as a disposal location for the demolition. Thus the Church's name was changed from Glencoe Road Baptist Church to Landmark Baptist Church. This was done for two reasons. Glencoe Baptist Church located in the mill village and our name caused confusion, additionally there were numerous historic buildings from Burlington that was disposed in the pond. Glencoe Road Baptist/Landmark Baptist was founded on our "Rock" Jesus Christ.
The gospel has always been preached here and the Lord has always provided our needs.