Today, let’s talk about how we should pray for our Church:
1-Pray for a deep hunger for the Word of God in our church.
We need a diet of God’s Word if we want our church to grow! Pray for the Church to be filled with people who hunger to hear God’s Word & do His Will. Imagine the impact on Landmark Church if we wake up eager for His Word & let our hearts overflow throughout the day with the TRUTH of God!
2-Pray for thankful hearts in our church.
“...In everything, give thanks!” Let's pray for God to make us humble & thankful for His blessings, provisions & protections. So often we forget that we can do nothing without HIM. A church that is un-thankful has too much pride in itself & will fall short of goals.
3-Pray for gospel growth through our church.
The reason we are a local body of believers is for the advancement of the gospel to the ends of the earth. Jesus commissioned & commanded us to “GO” but if we are unmoved by lost people dying & going to HELL then what good are we? The TRUTH of the gospel must penetrate to the essence of our souls
4-Pray for holiness in our church
We are exhorted to be holy, because God is HOLY!  Before we can be a light to the World, we must be set apart in holiness. Even though we live in a world of unholiness, we are to pray for holiness, strive for holiness, pursue it & live holy before the world!
5-Pray for unity in our church.
The GOSPEL brings people together! It will bring sinful people with various backgrounds & mannerisms together to love one another, seeking the best of one another. Let’s leave a large footprint for the next generation to follow. Love as Christ loved the Church & gave HIMSELF for it.